Bunch of Links - 8/23/2007

Well folks I’m spending my Friday at the Projekt Revolution show (pictures forthcoming) on Friday so here is a Thursday edition of Bunch of Links. So on with the show!

Cracked.com contributes The Top 10 Deadbeat Celebrity Relatives.

Triggerstreet.com has compiled the Top 5 Most Ridiculous Movie Plots of ALL TIME.

AOL’s (<—- My loathe for thee knows no bounds) Money and Finance section list the Most Successful Movie Franchises. This is strictly by the numbers since success is an subjective thing. Just to wreck the excitement our favorite super spy James “shaken not stirred” Bond takes the top honors.

Apparently Jessica Biel is going to be showing us all a bit more skin in her new role in the movie “Powder Blue”. This movie could be the biggest chick flick ever and I’d still buy a ticket. Yum Yum.

From the music side of things.

Shoutmout.com provides us a list of 25 Legendary Bands That Should Reunite. I agree with every one of these.

The Rolling Stones finally decide to give it a rest. This is good news to almost everyone as we would prefer not to see one of them drop dead on stage.

In General

The IRS has some serious balls. The guy who caught the Barry “Douche Bag” Bonds record setting ball is getting hosed. The IRS is taxing the guy on the supposed worth of the baseball. I agree that if he sells it that is a capital gain that should be taxed. Before that point however it’s just a $3 baseball. He is being forced to auction it off since he can’t afford the $200k it would cost him to keep it. Total bullshit.

Stephon Marbury of the Knicks supports Micheal Vick. Says dog fighting is a sport. Promptly makes douche bag list. Yo thugs gotta Stick t’gether aight and represent aight?!


This should make you laugh, or make you uncomfortable. Either way I’ve done my part.

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