Bunch of Links

Every week I’m going to put together links to recent articles I find worthy from various sources around the net. This will be a normal fixture on the site usually posted Thursdays or Fridays. So… On with the links.

Shoutmouth.com has compiled a list of the 50 Hottest Women In Music. I disagree with some of these but there is a bunch of decent pictures.

Guerillaimports.com contributes America’s Top Seven Most Hated Substances. For the most part this is a list of things that in no way “should” be illegal but magically are. No complaining though. You people want to keep electing “Righteous Christians” to office you’re going to have to deal with it.

Maxim.com has a list of Hottest Women Of ’80s Movies. Too bad most of them look like zombies now. Also from Maxim The Best Worst Movies

This almost defies description. This is a portrait of The Godfather created entirely by the words of the movie script. OK the description sucks so just go look at the damn thing.

That’s all you get this week. Get back to work slacker.

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