Most Disgusting Sidekicks

Very seldom does a sidekick have any impact on the story or even have any real character depth. In most cases they are simply there to make us laugh or gross us out. Here are some of the more disgusting sidekicks in recent history.


Everyone’s favorite nose picker. Sure everyone picks their nose in private (yes I’m talking about you) from time to time, however it is a truly special person who can base and entire acting career around it.

While I felt that Curtis Armstrong’s performance in Ray was exceptional I spent the whole movie wondering if he was going to work in a little nose pick here or there. Luckily it never came.

Bluto Blutarsky

Just your average college layabout. Drinking beer, not showering, chewing up food and spitting it all over the place. Sure he’s kind of nasty but loads of fun at parties.

Whether he is chanting “TOGA TOGA”, smashing an unsuspecting hippies guitar, or expressing remorse over the loss of the beloved bar (”They took the bar! The whole FUCKING bar”) he plays the part of a college going slob to a T.


At first I sort of questioned including a cartoon in this list however I realized that of all these characters Pigpen is the only one who has a “filth cloud” that follows him around. Some of these others may smell pretty bad but none of them exhibit such a visual indicator of disgust.

The sad part is If he were a real boy he would have been put into a foster home due to parental neglect.

Just watch the opening sequence.


Why is Chewwie here? Well lets do a little thinking exercise to explain  it. Search your memory for the shaggiest dog you’ve ever seen. Got it? Ok now imagine that dog 9 feet tall weighing 300 pounds. Now imagine that same wookie hanging out in your apartment. It would take the all of the Death Star’s janitorial crew two weeks to clean out your shower should he feel the need for one.



The top honors on this one have to go to Steve-O. The reason for this is simple: HE’S A REAL PERSON! That’s right folks all the others on this list are made up so we are slightly indifferent to their disgustingness.

He has spent his entire career doing outrages things to make people want to vomit. Sure it’s all a big act for shock value but some believe it makes for decent television.

Here he is eating some disgusting road-kill. Might want to skip it if you’ve eaten in the last hour.

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