The Most Original Blog Post Ever

Welcome readers.

What you are now looking at is the most original blog post ever written. The only thing this blog post has in common with others is that it is written using characters from the alphabet and written in English. While some blogs are not written in English this one is. This further contributes to the uniqueness of this blog post.

Contained in this blog post are no references to any material anyone has ever written in a blog post. All ideas are original and well thought out unlike many other blog posts.

There are also no links within this blog post to any pictures from other sites. No word for word “rip-offs” either.  100% from my own brain in my own words.

While there is some advertising it is far off to the right and far out of the way. Special caution has been taken to ensure the adds are random since having “original” advertisements would be difficult.

While you may have some disputes with the originality of this blog post I can honestly say that I will not read them. Reading your comments would be far too much like all the other blog posts. When I view this page I will use my hand to block the comment section as not to inadvertently compromise the originality of said post.

Thank you and good night or afternoon or morning depending on where you are.

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