Guitar Hero Is For Dumbshits

Recently I have noticed many people getting all excited over the Guitar Hero game series. First off the game isn’t even named correctly. It should be called “Expensive 5 Button Controller Hero”. The only resemblance this thing has to a real guitar is that it is roughly shaped like one. This game is much like the [...]

Don’t Do It!

There are a whole series of these signs all over the Golden Gate bridge. Guess not everything is sunshine and flowers in San Francisco.

Taser Tuesday - 9/4/2007

I missed Taser Tuesday last week so here are here is a two’fer fer ya.
The first one is just awesome. Imagine one minute your being a belligerent asshole and the next you’re a quivering pile of Jello on the floor. Bonus impact points on the trip to the floor.

This one starts out a little slow [...]

Most Disgusting Sidekicks

Very seldom does a sidekick have any impact on the story or even have any real character depth. In most cases they are simply there to make us laugh or gross us out. Here are some of the more disgusting sidekicks in recent history.
Everyone’s favorite nose picker. Sure everyone picks their nose in private (yes I’m talking about [...]

Taser Tuesday - 8/21/2007

Today’s taser video includes a little bonus footage: A drugged out teen, a partial car chase, and an overweight cop falling flat on her face. What more could you ask for? 

Tight Rope Back-flip

Holy Crap