Taser Tuesday - 9/4/2007

I missed Taser Tuesday last week so here are here is a two’fer fer ya.
The first one is just awesome. Imagine one minute your being a belligerent asshole and the next you’re a quivering pile of Jello on the floor. Bonus impact points on the trip to the floor.

This one starts out a little slow [...]

Taser Tuesday - 8/21/2007

Today’s taser video includes a little bonus footage: A drugged out teen, a partial car chase, and an overweight cop falling flat on her face. What more could you ask for? 

Taser Tuesday

Here is a new feature here at OverlyRandom.com. Every Tuesday I’ll be posting movies of dumb asses getting a little electroshock treatment. Enjoy.
Some people just can’t get enough tasery goodness. This guy takes a bunch of zaps because he is having difficulty following instructions.