Guitar Hero Is For Dumbshits

Recently I have noticed many people getting all excited over the Guitar Hero game series. First off the game isn’t even named correctly. It should be called “Expensive 5 Button Controller Hero”. The only resemblance this thing has to a real guitar is that it is roughly shaped like one. This game is much like the [...]

Taser Tuesday - 9/4/2007

I missed Taser Tuesday last week so here are here is a two’fer fer ya.
The first one is just awesome. Imagine one minute your being a belligerent asshole and the next you’re a quivering pile of Jello on the floor. Bonus impact points on the trip to the floor.

This one starts out a little slow [...]


Truer words were never spoken.

Putting The President In Perspective

Here is one of my all time favorite movie exchanges. I think in this time of bat shit insane leaders running our government this should help put the president in perspective.
First person to guess the movie gets a cookie.
Simon Wilder: You asked the question, sir, now let me answer it. The beauty of the [...]

Bunch of Links - 8/23/2007

Well folks I’m spending my Friday at the Projekt Revolution show (pictures forthcoming) on Friday so here is a Thursday edition of Bunch of Links. So on with the show! contributes The Top 10 Deadbeat Celebrity Relatives. has compiled the Top 5 Most Ridiculous Movie Plots of ALL TIME.
AOL’s (<—- My loathe for thee knows no bounds) [...]

Taser Tuesday - 8/21/2007

Today’s taser video includes a little bonus footage: A drugged out teen, a partial car chase, and an overweight cop falling flat on her face. What more could you ask for? 

Michael Vick In Deep Shit

As I post this news is trickling in that he will plead guilty and do a year in the pokey, however I still find this rather amusing.