This looks fantastic.

Guitar Hero Is For Dumbshits

Recently I have noticed many people getting all excited over the Guitar Hero game series. First off the game isn’t even named correctly. It should be called “Expensive 5 Button Controller Hero”. The only resemblance this thing has to a real guitar is that it is roughly shaped like one. This game is much like the [...]

Meg Ryan Extravaganza

Here is a little bonus. Many of you have already seen this… for those that haven’t just sit tight during the talking at the beginning. The payoff is at the end.

Putting The President In Perspective

Here is one of my all time favorite movie exchanges. I think in this time of bat shit insane leaders running our government this should help put the president in perspective.
First person to guess the movie gets a cookie.
Simon Wilder: You asked the question, sir, now let me answer it. The beauty of the [...]

Women In Film

Personally I find black and white far more stunning than color.

Most Disgusting Sidekicks

Very seldom does a sidekick have any impact on the story or even have any real character depth. In most cases they are simply there to make us laugh or gross us out. Here are some of the more disgusting sidekicks in recent history.
Everyone’s favorite nose picker. Sure everyone picks their nose in private (yes I’m talking about [...]

Bunch of Links

Every week I’m going to put togetherĀ links to recent articles I find worthy from various sources around the net. This will be a normal fixture on the site usually posted Thursdays or Fridays. So… On with the links. has compiled a list of the 50 Hottest Women In Music. I disagree with some of these [...]